Ivanka Trump Invents New Word Before Saying Parents Are ‘Investing’ In Food For The Family

In an interview discussing tax reform with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, President Trump’s daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka Trump, left many viewers scratching their heads when she explained that many parents are “investing” in food for their family.

“Indeniably [sic] it’s very expensive to raise a child, that’s if you’re a stay at home parent who is potentially, investing in after-school activities, in Mommy and Me classes, and food, or whatever they feel is the best investment for their family,” Ivanka said.

First off, “indeniably” is not a word.

Also, “food” as an investment?

Trump decided to cut her trip in Asia short in order to come back and support the new tax reforms that she insists will support the middle class, saying, “Really it’s the central theme, middle-income Americans and supporting them.”

The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert recently took a look at Ivanka’s difficulty with words: