The Internet Had A Few Things To Say About Justin Trudeau’s Son Wearing A Pink Princess Dress

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and his adorable family totally won Halloween this year!

Trudeau set the internet ablaze after tweeting a picture of his family’s Halloween costumes.

His three-year-old son, Hadrien, dressed as Skye from Nickelodeon show “Paw Patrol”, a character that wears a pink dress.

“He insisted on being Skye [for Halloween],” The Prime Minister revealed. “And that’s fine with us.”

“I didnt want to make this like a headline yesterday but I think it is rad as hell Trudeau made zero fuss about his son’s pink princess dress,” on Twitter user wrote.

As Trudeau walked down the stairs into the House of Commons, he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the signature Superman logo.