Harvard Student Cries Foul After Instagram Deemed His Swimsuit Photos ‘Too Sexual’

Miles Kennelly is crying foul after Instagram removed two of his photos for being too “sexual.”

The Harvard University student, who now lives in New York, shared the deleted photos on Twitter, writing: Instagram took this down for being too “sexual”

In a second tweet, he writes: “RT! So mad @ Instagram. took down ANOTHER pic bc it’s “sexual”. Would they take down a fully-clothed woman who happens to be busty? #Sexist

“They probs wouldn’t. They are probs jealous of what you’re packing,” wrote one of his followers.

Meanwhile, the photo service allows photos like this (not that we are complaining):

Smash or Pass? 🍑 @erlias

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What do you think of Miles’ photos?

Last day in Boston. Miami Time. 😎☀️🔥 #mood

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