Trump To Become First President To Speak At Anti-LGBT Hate Group’s Voter Summit

President Trump on Friday will become the first sitting United States president to speak at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit.

Tony Perkins, the president of the extremist Family Research Council, has compared gays to pedophiles, insisted that gays will attempt a ‘Christian Holocaust,’ and defended Uganda’s “kill-the-gays” bill as a “laudable” effort “to uphold moral conduct.” The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has determined that Perkins’ organization is a certified “hate group.”

Trump will speak alongside former Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson who has said he wants to “rid the Earth” of “wicked” gays.

He will also share the stage with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was ousted twice as state Supreme Court chief justice and is revered among social conservatives for his extreme anti-LGBT views and his advocacy for Christianity in public life.

In a 2002 child custody case, Moore voted with the majority of his fellow justices on the Alabama Supreme Court to grant custody to an abusive father rather than grant custody to the lesbian mother. In the ruling, Moore wrote that homosexuality is “abominable, detestable, unmentionable, and too disgusting and well known to require other definition or further details or description.”

Moore has said marriage equality will “literally cause the destruction of our country or lead to the destruction of our country over the long run.”

He has said that transgender people suffer from a mental disorder and that actions against opponents of marriage equality are similar to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, reports The Advocate.

During a 2005 interview, Moore said he believed homosexual conduct should still be illegal after the 2003 landmark Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas that struck down a state law banning sodomy, rendering similar laws across the country unconstitutional.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise will also attend the event. You might remember him as the anti-LGBT lawmaker who was almost killed in a mass shooting in DC.

His life was saved by a lesbian police officer who shot and killed the attacker and has recently stated that the incident did not change his mind about gun control or LGBT rights.

Perkins celebrated Trump’s attendance of the event in a press release, saying, “Last year, he spoke to the Values Voter Summit as a candidate — this year, it will be as the 45th President of the United States. Today we have confirmation from the White House that President Donald Trump will speak to the VVS crowd this Friday morning.”

Here’s just a small taste of the type of vile hatred Perkins has spewed against the LGBT community. Via Right Wing Watch:

  • Claimed gay youth have a higher suicide rate because they intrinsically know their sexual orientation is “abnormal.”
  • Alleged that America’s enemies would celebrate the lifting of the military’s ban on transgender service members.
  • Urged states to defy court decisions in favor of marriage equality since they are “inconsistent with nature itself” and “certainly inconsistent with scripture.”
  • Claimed that militaries that allow LGBT people to serve openly — which includes Israel’s — are “the ones that participate in parades, they don’t fight wars to keep the nation and the world free.”