Roy Moore In 2005: ‘Homosexual Conduct Should Be Illegal.’ Trump in 2017: He’s A ‘Really Great Guy’

President Trump on Wednesday congratulated Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama, calling the bombastic evangelical Christian well known for his anti-LGBT views a “really great guy.”

Moore, ousted twice as state Supreme Court chief justice, is revered among social conservatives for his extreme anti-LGBT views and his advocacy for Christianity in public life.

In a 2002 child custody case, Moore voted with the majority of his fellow justices on the Alabama Supreme Court to grant custody to an abusive father rather than grant custody to the lesbian mother. In the ruling, Moore wrote that homosexuality is “abominable, detestable, unmentionable, and too disgusting and well known to require other definition or further details or description.”

Moore has said marriage equality will “literally cause the destruction of our country or lead to the destruction of our country over the long run.”

He has said that transgender people suffer from a mental disorder and that actions against opponents of marriage equality are similar to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, reports The Advocate.

During a 2005 interview, Moore said he believed homosexual conduct should still be illegal after the 2003 landmark Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas that struck down a state law banning sodomy, rendering similar laws across the country unconstitutional.

“What I think is that it was illegal under the law, that the Supreme Court usurped the role of the legislature and ruled something about our moral law that is improper, and that’s what we’re finding the Supreme Court and the federal district courts are doing daily,” Moore responded. “They’ve usurped the moral prerogative, now, if you want–”

“Homosexual conduct should be illegal,” Moore added.