Nick Jonas Reveals He’s Into Choking While Reading Fans’ Naughty Tweets

Pop singer and former Kingdom star Nick Jonas is giving his male fans something else to thirst about after reading the thirstiest tweets about him in a new Buzzfeed video.

“I want Nick Jonas to **** the **** out of my *******,” writes Chuck.

“What’s a star?” joked Jonas.

One female fan said she was going to get his “face tattooed on my ass cheek so I can say I sit on Nick Jonas’ face all the time.”

Points for creativity!

“Nick Jonas could choke me on any holy day,” wrote one thirsty fan.

“Into choking, huh? That makes two of us,” Jonas revealed to the camera.

“I have a few more in my direct messages that I could show you at a different time, but that’s for the R-rated version,” he added at the end of the video.

Watch the video, below: