Viral Photo Of Florida “Hot Cops” Leads To Calendar Fundraiser For Hurricane Irma Victims

The police department in Gainesville, Florida has drawn widespread attention during their Hurricane Irma recovery efforts after three young officers posted a simple group selfie on the police department’s Facebook page.

Gainesville Police Department officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering posted the photo which has now been shared over 200,000 times and has received thousands of comments focusing on the trio’s good looks.

“So, looks like my next vacation will be spent in Gainesville rolling through stop signs and driving with a tail light out every evening until I’ve been pulled over by the entire night shift,” one commenter wrote.

“These guys really change the meaning of the song “[email protected] the Police…” another commenter wrote.

Another writes: “Bawahahahaha! My 72 yr old mother just looked at me and said “we could always use a 2018 calendar…” HAHAHAHAHA! I’m dying.”

The viral post has been updated by the Gainesville Police Department to explain Officers Nordman and Hamill are married but Officer Rengering is single.

“We can confirm that Officer Rengering (far right with the amazing hair) IS SINGLE,” the post said. “On another note, Officer Rengering is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care, similar to the witness protection program for his safety.”

The updated post added: “Please do not call 9-1-1 and request this group respond to your ‘incident.'”

“There WILL be a calendar,” the department confirmed.

“As for the calendar, we are going to try and do something fairly quickly and funds raised will go to Hurricane Irma recovery here in Florida,” the updated post continued.

The department thanked the public for their “hilarious” comments and said they brightened up their day (also noting, “you’ve actually made our chief blush with some of them”).

The Gainesville Police Department has also shared some more photos of good-looking team members in response to the viral “hot cops” post.

They department also shared a photo of their counterparts in Sarasota, Florida, writing: “If they happen to stir the Interweb like we did earlier…they’re going to need rescues themselves!”