This College Football Player Picked Up A Mic And Came Out To His Entire Team

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A college football player has come out to his team in a big way.

Xavier Colvin is a linebacker for Butler University’s football team. He’s also the son of two-time Super Bowl champion Rosevelt Colvin. Earlier this month, he stepped on stage and told his whole team he’s gay.

Outsports reported on the story Monday, which details how Colvin spoke of growing up, struggling with depression, playing the game he loves and finally what it means to him to be a gay athlete.

Colvin had already told his coaches that he’s gay, who in turn encouraged him to tell the entire team. Microphone in hand, he took to the stage to do exactly that. Fortunately, he was met with even more support.

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“Afterwards I got texts and phone calls,” he told Outsports. “The freshmen who didn’t know me came and shook my hand. And they all said, ‘we’ve got your back.’ They told me how proud they were of me. Not even a single negative reaction. It was all positive.’”

“What I’ve come to learn from my 105 teammates and 15 coaches is that no one cares, and it’s not as big of a deal as it used to be,” he said. “People care more about you as a person and your mental health. It took me a while to learn that.”

Colvin now hopes his story can inspire others.

“Other LGBT athletes and non-athletes have to realize they are not alone,” he said. “There are other people with similar stories, similar backgrounds.”

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