Trans Activist Publicly Shames Caitlyn Jenner For Supporting Trump: ‘You’re A F–king Fraud!’

Transgender activist and Editor in chief of Wear Your Voice, Ashlee Marie Preston, publicly confronted Caitlyn Jenner at a concert by the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles on Saturday, criticizing her for supporting President Donald Trump amid his actions against the transgender community.

“It’s really fucked up that you are here,” Preston is seen telling a stunned Jenner in a Facebook video. “Some people may be afraid to confront you for being here, but I am not.”

“You are directly responsible for what has happened with transgender soldiers and the military. I am not afraid to say it to you, I am not. I am not afraid.” she said.

Jezebel reports that Saturday’s performance was partially sponsored by Jenner.

“You are complicit! Taking her money…makes you complicit,” Preston told performance co-chair Dena Williams. “It goes against the mission (of the chorus), Dena!”

Caitlyn stood her ground and said nothing during the heated encounter.

“We are the ones impacted by the choices that you make…it’s not okay,” Preston said. “It’s not ok, it’s not ok,” she repeated.

“You don’t know me,” said Jenner.

“Yes, I do!” Preston quickly fired back. “You’re a fucking fraud and a fake.”

Earlier this month, Jenner was publicly condemned after she was spotted driving around Los Angeles wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat just days after she had publicly denounced Trump for announcing his trans military ban.