‘Classy Like America’ Gay Couple Unleashes Racist Grindr Tirade That Has Left Twitter In Disgust

Twitter user @TEEZBabyCakes has shared the disgusting Grindr messages he received from a man he had met during Toronto Pride that has left many Twitter users shaking their heads in disgust.

Things took an ugly turn when the man’s boyfriend began messaging him, writing: “Please stop talking to my boyfriend. You tried to talk to me and my boyfriend at pride last night by the booth? We’re boyfriends we don’t want to hookup with you.”

Things got even uglier when he attempted to explain that he was just trying to make more friends.

“Even if we were looking for a threesome, we would never hookup with someone like you… we don’t like dark skin, or dark burn culture. We are classy like America. We don’t twerk and do stupid shit that fat black people do. We are civilised people. Please don’t bring your burn culture into ours its already good thanks,” the boyfriend wrote.

“Blacks are too dark and have ruined beauty for us queers. Take ur fried chicken and fatty foods elsewhere away from us. You nigers…you can’t even get a nice job. You all are so poor. Can’t even afford a new car.”

“Black people have black skin and is nasty and discussing and unappealing. Stop talking to us whites. We don’t want dark or burnt skinned friends or sex partners. Blacks are unattractive and ugly to even look at. Like you don’t deserve to have the attention of a white man. I don’t want my clean big dick in some dark boy pussy or black skinned mouth. I would feel ashamed and disgusted.”

Some Twitter users tweeted supportive messages, while other sided with the Grindr user’s disgusting views on interracial dating.

h/t: LGBTQNation