Caitlyn Jenner Apology To Trans Community: I Didn’t Realize I Was Wearing A “Make America Great Again” Hat

A day after being photographed wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, Caitlyn Jenner issued an apology to the Transgender community along with some harsh words for President Donald Trump.

“What he’s doing to our community is absolutely fucking awful,” the 67-year-old transgender former Olympian reportedly told TMZ on Friday. “I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake.”

Jenner claims she mistakenly grabbed the hat out of the closet on her way to play a round of golf without realizing which hat she’d taken.

“She rummaged through the 10 hats in her closet and grabbed one without looking at the stitching,” TMZ reported. “She says when she got to the club she threw the hat on the floor of the car, spent an hour or so hitting some balls and left. When she got to the car she grabbed the hat and saw the inscription, and realized what she had done.”

Jenner also told the outlet that she now “detests” Trump after he took to Twitter last month to announced a total ban on transgender people serving in the United States military.

Shortly after Trump tweeted his trans ban, Jenner fired back at him on Twitter and in a blog post on her website.

“America’s 15,000 trans service members and 134,000 veterans are much braver than you, Mr. Trump,” Jenner wrote shortly after Trump announced the ban. “My allegiance is with them and our country, not you.”

Outrage soon followed when a photographer snapped a photo of Jenner driving a convertible in her red MAGA hat.

“I will never do it again,” Jenner added, “and I’m getting rid of the hat.”

Jenner says she is considering either ripping up and burning the hat, or signing it and auctioning it off to give the proceeds to a transgender cause.