Australian Newspaper Under Fire For Equating Being Gay To Alcoholism, Drug Addiction

Australia’s the Daily Telegraph newspaper has sparked a firestorm of controversy after printing an infographic that points to the many ways in which young Australians neglect their health, placing homosexuality squarely among concerns like alcoholism and drug addictions.

Australian Newspaper Lists Sexuality as a "Health Concern"

The infographic, titled “Fat Chance Of Being Healthy”, listed same-sex attraction statistics among youths alongside teen alcohol and drug use, obesity and psychological distress stats.

“16.8% of secondary students in Australia are attracted to people of the same sex as them or to both sexes,” the paper claimed.

Furious readers blasted the paper’s suggestion that homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle choice.

Amid the barrage of criticisms, the paper’s editor, Chris Dore, says people have simply misinterpreted the info-graphic.

“The headline clearly referred to the health issue of obesity, as did the accompanying story, which focused on diet,” Dore told Australian LGBTI Media Centre.

“The graphic that sat alongside the story took statistics from the NSW Government’s Youth Health Framework report 2017 to 2024, capturing a broader snapshot of the lives of our young people.”

“It is a statistical picture of young people’s lives, from where they live to how they live.”

“Unfortunately the presentation of the story has been misinterpreted.”

“The story in no way suggests, or intends to suggest, that same-sex relationships are unhealthy.”