Woman Tells NY Times Coming Out As Transgender Was Easier Than Coming Out As Pro-Trump

A trans woman in Portland, Oregon, told The New York Times that she has been ostracized by the queer community for being openly conservative, but her former close friend blames her racism and Islamophobia for the collapse of those relationships.

Edie DePoorter-Dixon, 30, came out as gay in 2002 and would later come out as a transgender woman in 2015. In 2017, Edie came out as a conservative — and a Donald Trump supporter, she told the Times.

Edie, who was born in Cuba to a conservative Catholic family and raised in small-town Nebraska, attended Portland Pride this year with her shirtless muscle-bound husband, Daniel DePoorter-Dixon, and proudly sported a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

“I felt that this is the first time I walked through Pride as completely myself,” Edie tells Women in the World. “The M.A.G.A. hat wasn’t just a Trump hat, it represented freedom of political choice — something I felt like I had to hide from the gay community.”

The Times writes:

Some stared in disbelief when Daniel hoisted Edie onto his shoulders like a trophy. The red Trump hat and its slogan now towered over attendees at Portland Pride.

Despite her laughter and jubilant behavior, Edie says the consequences of coming out as a transgender conservative woman have been severe. She has lost nearly all her friends and the local gay club, where she was a dance performer, canceled her shows. CC Slaughters, a popular Portland gay club where Edie used to regularly perform, did not respond to a request for comment.

“Coming out as L.G.B.T. may have been a little more ‘hands on,’” Edie explains, referring to the physical assaults she said she was subjected to while living as a gay male in Crawford, Nebraska. “But the wounds heal. I still had my friends, family, and support system. I lost all of that, including my career, for coming out conservative.”

Edie emphasizes that politically she is primarily a centrist but that in the L.G.B.T. community, that is now practically seen as a “hate crime.”

Bruce Ross, Edie’s former close friend, accuses her of racism and Islamophobia and claims her intolerance is the real reason she last lost those relationships.

When you have so much to be Proud of

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“I support the community 100 percent on any action that makes them feel safe against people who sympathize with oppression or discrimination,” Ross said.

Ross points to Edie’s support for Trump’s travel ban “against nationals from six Muslim-majority countries,” as well as what he describes as an insensitivity toward people of color, as examples of her intolerance.

“Hate isn’t a political view — sorry,” he says.

Edie dismisses accusations of racism and stands by her strident criticism of Islam and the Black Lives Matter movement, saying both are fueled by dogmatic ideologies.