A Rugby Player, An Officer And An Army Couple Proposed At London Pride 2017

Feeling like you keep hearing stories about proposals at London Pride this year? That’s because you have. So to recap, here are three of the cutest.

An Army engagement

Corporal Damian Dagg proposed to his boyfriend, Josh Thorne, after meeting him one year ago at the 2016 parade.

Dagg, an Army medic, asked Thorne, who plays in the Army Medical Services Band, to join him in front of the assembled troops. Cue the proposal as the troops behind them clapped.

An officer gets a proposal

An on-duty officer was proposed to by her plain clothes-wearing girlfriend at Pride. The British Transport Police (BTP) confirmed that the women, identified as Jane and Dizzy (the officer), are now engaged.

The BTP showed its full support with the below tweet (including video of the proposal).

A rugby player scores

Fernando Ferreira plays for the Kings Cross Steelers, the “world’s first gay rugby club.” But while marching with his team in the parade this year, he had a lot more than rugby on his mind.
Ferreira looked for and found his boyfriend, Greg Woodford, in the crowd and promptly proposed. The crowd ate it up.

Over 26,000 people marched in the parade this year, the most in the parade’s 45-year history. In total, about one million showed up this year for London Pride festivities.