HGTV’s Newest Hosts Are An Adorable Married Gay Couple

Meet your new favorite HGTV duo: husbands PJ and Thomas McKay.

The two are the latest couple to bring their house decorating and flipping skills to HGTV. Their new show, Down to the Studs, which just aired over the weekend, sees the men flipping houses in their hometown of Chattanooga.

“The Property Lovers”, as they refer to themselves, are hoping the show is a hit so that they can keep gracing television screens.

So far, however, Down to the Studs is in test run mode. Together with other HGTV pilots, they’re competing for ratings and social media engagement. They say the pilot will re-air “hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks,” but in the meantime you can show your support by using the hashtag #HGTVDowntotheStuds.

We hope, however, that HGTV throws some extra support behind Down to the Studs given the network’s history with anti-LGBT hosts. You might remember that Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper were revealed as attending a church that opposes LGBT rights, and that in 2014 HGTV cancelled Flip It Forward, a show starring anti-gay twins David and Jason Benham.

But back to the cuteness – PJ and Thomas are absolutely adorable on their YouTube channel and Instagram. Just see below!