‘Fragile Men Of Twitter’ Cannot Deal With ESPN’s Nude Cover Photo Of A Male Athlete, Have No Issues With Nude Female

Triggered snowflakes!

On Monday morning, ESPN debuted its 2017 Body Issue on Twitter, featuring NFL running back Zeke Elliott and Danish tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki on its covers.

Their cover debuts were shared in the form of a GIF-video, posted on ESPN’s official Twitter account, reports HuffPost.

Elliott’s cover shows the athlete posing completely buck naked under a curtain of water holding a football.

The tweet left some ‘fragile’ male Twitter users horrified at seeing another man’s body on the cover of a sports magazine, with many threatening to unfollow ESPN’s twitter account.

As HuffPost writer Jenavieve Hatch noted, when Caroline Wozniacki’s cover was posted on Twitter, there was no outpouring of male revulsion and outrage:

“What kind of man can’t handle seeing half a butt cheek? one with very frail ego. man up!” fired back one user.