Hide The Kids! Anti-Gay Christian Activists Are Freaking Out Over Rainbows On McDonald’s French Fry Boxes

Hide the kids, McDonald’s is trying to turn them gay with a few rainbows! (Also, don’t let them out of the house if there are rainbows in the sky!)

Ohio-based anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey is calling on all anti-LGBT Christians to join her in boycotting McDonald’s because a few of their restaurants are serving fries in rainbow-themed packaging in honor of LGBT Pride Month.

Harvey, of the anti-gay hate group Mission: America, urged Christian conservative to engage in a nationwide boycott of McDonald’s because “all this bowing before homosexual shame month, which is what it should be called, and this theft of the rainbow is really disturbing.”

“When everyone around us, “she said, “is slapping rainbows on sin, we need to remember God’s big picture” and send a message by boycotting “badly behaving corporations.”

“Haven’t we all had it up to here with companies promoting the homosexual and gender confusion agendas, as if they’re doing something wonderful?,” she added according to Right Wing Watch. “They are doing something extremely harmful, especially when they have customers who are families and children by implying that these are valid and acceptable behaviors when they are not.”