Anti-LGBT Hate Groups Are Celebrating Supreme Court’s Decision To Hear Anti-Gay Baker Case

Plenty of conservatives are thrilled about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case of the anti-gay baker. Amongst a tsunami of reactions, we found these two particularly telling: the thoughts of commentator Todd Starnes and hate group Foundation for Moral Law.

Starting with Starnes, in an opinion piece for Fox News today he made it it quite clear he thinks this is a case about two gays who “pitched a hissy fit” versus “God-loving patriots”.

Here are some excerpts from his column:

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will tackle a culture war powder keg – should a Christian baker who opposes gay marriage on religious grounds be forced to participate in a gay wedding?

In other words, do gay rights trump everyone else’s rights?

Mr. Craig and Mr. Mullins pitched a hissy fit and filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

And it is our responsibility as God-loving patriots to stand alongside Jack Phillips as they wage this legal battle. We must stand together in the face of adversity.

First, the LGBT activists came for the flower shops and the photographers. Then, they came for the bakers. And unless we draw a line in the sand, they may one day come for you and your business.

And then there’s the Foundation for Moral Law, founded by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. The group published a press release on the decision.

“The Foundation was the only organization that filed an amicus brief urging the Court to accept this case, and we are especially gratified that the Court expressly referred to the Foundation’s brief in its order granting certiorari,” said Foundation President Kayla Moore.

“The issue is whether persons with sincere religious beliefs will be forced to violate their consciences by participating in the preparations for a same-sex wedding. At a time when the State of California has instituted a ban on state-sponsored travel to states that protect the religious rights of their citizens, someone needs to stand up for those who believe in traditional marriage. The Foundation will continue doing exactly that,” said Foundation Senior Counsel John Eidsmoe.

Similar reactions, we’re sure, will continue pouring in.