These Gay Dads Are Sharing Their Beautiful Journey To Fatherhood On Instagram

What better way to celebrate Father’s day than by highlighting some of the incredible gay dads who are sharing their journeys through fatherhood one selfie and Instagram post at a time.

Gays With Kids, an online community who aims to help gay dads navigate fatherhood, shares their beautiful stories at

Check out some of our favorite journeys below:
Dads Dejay @djohnsondj and Mike @mstirratt:

So excited for Prescott to attend his 4th #capitalpride #Lovewins #lovemakesafamily #gayswithkids #googlepixel

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Congrats to Jason and Chad on the birth of their daughter!

Michael (@mr_smoghlan) and Paul (@paulycog) became fathers last year after four failed rounds of IVF:

Hands up if you're a big boy

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When Rob & Zack entered the adoption pool, they figured they had plenty of time to prepare. Days later, they got the call.

Nick (@npadjen74) cheek-to-cheek with his adorable daughter:

Nick (@the_gaysian_cowboy) and his husband moved from California to Texas to give their son a different life surrounded by animals and the outdoors!

We love this photo and message from dad Jarel (@jar3lclai) to his family! ❤️🙌🏽

Meet dads Arejay and Mauricio:

Dads Jeremy and Matt with their two gorgeous girls: