Trump’s ‘Birther’ Judicial Nominee John K. Bush Has Joked About ‘Fa-gots’, Ridiculed Same-Sex Parents

John K. Bush, Trump’s nominee for Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, has a history of blatant homophobia.

Trump nominated Kentuckian Bush for a lifetime appointment on the federal appeals court. But that nomination is coming under question after new details about Bush’s conduct emerged this week.

Bush, who is also a known blogger, was, like Trump, a strong supporter of the anti-Obama “birther” conspiracy movement, reports the Guardians of Democracy. He also has a horrible track record when it comes to LGBT issues.

Dated June 9, the following is part of a letter from progressive advocacy group People for the American Way (PFAW):


  • ridiculed the State Department’s acknowledgement that not all parents are opposite-sex couples;
  • criticized the Kentucky Supreme Court for “immuniz[ing] consensual sodomy from criminal prosecution;”
  • gave a speech quoting someone making comments about “faggots” with seemingly no discomfort

“It is hard to imagine why Bush was even nominated, unless the White House and his main sponsor, Senator McConnell, were unaware of the secret blog posts,” wrote Marge Baker, PFAW’s Executive Vice President for Policy and Program. “But now they, members of the Judiciary Committee, and members of the entire Senate are aware. And they provide ample cause to reject Bush’s nomination, if it is not withdrawn.”

“In light of Mr. Bush’s extreme ideology and his apparent inability to be a fair and impartial arbiter of the law, we urge you to reject his confirmation.”

What’s more, the Alliance for Justice (AFJ) released a 14-page report on Bush, which includes a section on his history with matters relating to LGBT rights. Below is an excerpt:

In a 2011 blog post, Bush criticized the State Department for modifying passport application forms to account for the possibility of same-sex parents in A Parent 2’s Outrage:

Henceforth, the application will ask for ‘Mother or Parent 1’ and ‘Father or Parent 2.’ I suppose that’s better than ‘Thing One’ or ‘Thing Two’, but Hillary’s hybrid hardly eliminates my confusion. . . . . It’s just like the government to decide it needs to decide something like which parent is number one or number two. When that happens, both parents are subservient to the nanny state— more precisely, a nanny Secretary of State.

“Alliance for Justice strongly opposes John K. Bush’s nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit,” concludes the report.

Bush’s nomination is currently before the Senate Justice Committee.