Ohio School District Employee Calls For Columbus Pride To Turn Out ‘Like The Boston Marathon’ Bombing

An employee of the Columbus City School district has called for all LGBT people to be “killed”.

The comment was made on the “Columbus Pride Parade and Festival 2017” Facebook page. Columbus Pride is happening this weekend.

“I hope this event turns out like the Boston Marathon a few year’s back. All [LGBTQ people] should be killed or at least relocated,” reads the post.

It is not currently known what word was actually used in place of “LGBTQ people.”

While the identity of the poster has not yet been released to the public officially (i.e. on social media many have already connected the dots), NBC affiliate WCMH has said the post was reported to law enforcement and that Homeland Security has been brought in on the case.

WCMH also reports that the poster “refused to explain his comment, and acted surprised anyone was interested in it.”

Columbus City Schools issued a statement denouncing the post: