Karen Handel Tells Mom Of Lesbian: ‘My Faith Calls Me’ To Keep Your Daughter From Adopting A Child

Republican candidate Karen Handel says she opposes LGBT people being able to adopt children because of her “faith”. No surprise there, except she made the remark to a mother with an LGBT child.

Handel is facing Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s June 20 special election. In campaign mode, yesterday she sat down with constituents at a sandwich shop, meeting one woman who’s politically conservative but has a daughter who identifies as LGBT.

The woman shared that she fears what will happen when her daughter wants to start a family, to which Handel responded: “I have to be honest… My faith calls me to a different place on the issue.”

And then this cluelessness: “I’m not aware of anything in the law, right now, that I’m aware of, that’s going to be impactful, from a discriminatory standpoint, against your daughter.”

In actuality, Georgia’s currently looking at a bill that would allow adoption and foster care agencies to ban LGBT people from adopting.

The pair’s conversation, marked by Handel constant interruptions, included several moments the lacked the kind of ‘compassion’ Handel says she has for LGBT people, like her insistence that Vice President Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT views shouldn’t concern the woman because same-sex marriage has been legalized: “It’s the U.S. Supreme Court!”

Watch the exchange below.