Anti-LGBT Sen. Ted Cruz Getting Humiliated Onstage At ‘Faith and Freedom’ Event Will Make Your Day

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who told a reporter last year that he doesn’t believe transgender people should be allowed to use any restroom except the ones in the privacy of their own home, was humiliated onstage while delivering a speech to conservative Christians at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference.

Cruz was in the middle of thanking his fans when his microphone was abruptly cut off mid-sentence as music began to play and the next guest was introduced to the stage.

The senator continued to stand awkwardly as the next speaker walked past laughing at him. He raised both of his hands in the air and then shuffled off the stage, appearing to shake his head at the end of the clip.

Now please enjoy the glorious moment, below:

Ted Cruz has a long history of opposing LGBT equality and transgender rights. In 2016, he falsely claimed that President Obama’s policies “let teenage boys shower with teenage girls.”