ABC News Just Hired Out Foreign Correspondent James Longman

The news just got more interesting for a bunch of you. ABC News has just hired out hunk James Longman as a foreign correspondent.

Longman, 30, joins the network on Monday. He was formerly a reporter for BBC News.

The newsman spent five years with the BBC reporting from Beirut. Besides English, he is fluent in French and Arabic. He is an expert in Middle Eastern affairs

ABC News president James Goldston wrote of Longman:

I’m thrilled to announce that James Longman is joining ABC News as a foreign correspondent based in our London Bureau starting on Monday.

His interest in the Middle East was fostered at an early age. His mother is of Lebanese descent, and he was raised in London and Cairo. He studied for a year in Damascus, and for his Master’s Degree did a thesis on Syrian politics and the early stages of the uprising.

He has interviewed families torn apart by war, former ISIS members and jihadists tied to the UK and Europe.

Undoubtedly a professional, you can still find Longman posting shirtless photos of himself on Instagram. He works out quite a bit.

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“I don’t think that my life with my friends, going to the beach, is a conflict,” he told Attitude. “I think it’s good, certainly for a younger audience, to know a bit more about the people who are telling them about the world.”

But: “There are a couple of posts on my Instagram that are a bit close to the line and I probably won’t do that again.”

Something tells me most folks won’t mind if he crosses that line!

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