“Big Brother” Contestant Revealed To Have Made Homophobic Remarks On Social Media

A contestant on the UK version of Big Brother is being accused of making homophobic posts on social media.

Tom Barber, 21, of Swansea “repeatedly insulted people on Twitter using the terms ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’”, this according to PinkNews.
Barber, by the way, did not apply to be on the show – he was asked on.

But what audience members, and presumably producers, didn’t know was that Barber has a history of making homophobic remarks.

“u probs get loved up again now before we go you faggot,” he told someone on Twitter. He’s used “faggot” as an insult on other occasions as well.

“oh don’t start on me… I looked like a lesbian,” he responded once when shown an old photo of himself.

“that sounds like proper gay ry,” he responded another time when someone called him a “lazy wanker”.

When that same friend poked fun at his lack of soccer skills, Barber responded: “That was poor mate, almost as bad as that gay attempt of a back heel”.

Again, when that same friend told him another time “See you in a bit my man,” Barber responded: “my man? You gay or wha?”

Last year, Andrew Tate was kicked off Big Brother after it emerged that he had posted homophobic and racist tweets. It remains to be seen if Barber will suffer the same fate.