Group of Oiled-Up Bodybuilders Go Shirtless, Flex In Bizarre Anti-Gay Protest

Not that I want to help anti-LGBT protesters, but some could really use a clue. Like the four bodybuilders who decided to protest gay men by running around topless and flexing their muscles.


The Indonesian bodybuilders were protesting in the streets of Solo to voice their disdain for the 141 men detained during a ‘gay party’ at a fitness center last month.

The bodybuilders ran down the streets shirtless and oiled up, carrying signs and flexing for the media.

“Act decisively against LGBT, destroyer of the nation’s morals,” read one of the signs. “Gyms are not a place of sin.”

“Do not let Indonesia become Sodom and Gomorrah,” read another.
“What has happened in Jakarta is very damaging to the nation, the young generation,” one of the men, Partika Subagyo Lelono, told the Tribun Solo. “Do not make the sport as a place of sinners.”

However silly the men’s protest may seem, it comes at a time where added vigilance is necessary, as LGBT people in Indonesia are under increased attack.

You can watch video of the bodybuilders’ protest below.