These College Track Teammates Came Out To Each Other And Then Fell Hopelessly In Love

Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon are University of Minnesota track stars and they’re in love. With each other.

The two came out to one another via text in late 2014. They’ve been together pretty much ever since.

The young men have been open about their love over the last two years – Instagram is a great place to gush over them.

And fortunately for us, Brad and Justin each recently penned their coming out stories for Outsports.

It all started when Justin was still a student athlete at the University of Wisconsin.

“Everything changed in 2014 over Thanksgiving break,” he wrote.

“One night I was texting my friend that I was going through some things. I was in my room at home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin crying my eyes out because the rumors had gotten too much to deal with, and I had no one to turn to.”

“I sat on my bed having written a text that I was gay or bi and had the idea that I might like men. I stared at my phone, my finger hovering over the send button,” he continued. “Click. I shot it off, wanting to instantly run two miles away from my phone and never look at the response. His response came faster than I could run.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” responded Brad.

“He eventually came out to me too,” wrote Justin. “We’ve been dating now for about two-and-a-half years. Yes, we started just after that text message. Good thing I didn’t run away from the phone.”

Wrote Brad: “Finally, I had someone I could relate to. We didn’t quite have all the same experiences, but the oppression of gays in his hometown of Milwaukee is probably comparable to the oppression in my small, conservative farm town.”

There was a wild caterpie 😷

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Justin eventually transferred to the University of Minnesota.

“The best decision I think I’ve made was transferring schools and truly deciding to stay true to my character as a person while being here. In being myself, I have made the most genuine friends, made the greatest memories, and found myself in the process,” he said.

As for Brad, he left us with this beautiful sentiment:

I love my family, friends, and teammates, but they cannot relate to the things closeted gay athletes go through. I have gotten almost universally positive feedback from all of them, but I really owe all of my contentment in my life to Justin. Without him, I would still be living a lie to everyone around me, including myself. I am truly one of the luckiest guys out there.

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