8-Year-Old Drag Queen Lactatia Slays Bianca Del Rio With These Two Words

Bianca Del Rio invited Lactatia, an 8-year-old drag queen, to join her onstage for Montreal date of the Werq the World Tour, reports WorldOfWonder.

Bianca was not quite prepared for the fierceness Lactatia was about to unleash:

“You are fucking adorable, Lactatia,” said Bianca. “Is this your first time in drag?”

“Ummmm, not reeeeelly,” Lactatia replied.

“And who’s your favorite drag queen?” Bianca asked, expecting one obvious reply.

After a brief pause, Lactatia said: “Ginger Minj”

Watch as Bianca LOST IT, below:

Lactatia’s supportive parents spoke to BestKeptMontreal about their incredible child:

When Nemis (Lactatia’s real name) is out of character he identifies as a boy and in drag as a girl. Drag for Nemis, is about the performance, the character. When he’s Lactatia, becoming her character, he’s a girl with a penis. As far as gender roles go, we’ve gifted both of our children with the ideal that there’s nothing just for girls and nothing just for boys. He grew up wearing his sisters hand me down princess costumes and fancy shoes while playing with monster trucks and riding a skateboard.

I think his biggest milestone in life or a pivotal moment was when he told us that when he grew up if he wanted to, he could be a girl with a penis (He was three and going through a pretty intense Beyonce phase)

Did we know it would lead to him being passionate about becoming the greatest drag queen the world has ever seen? No, but we were one hundred percent certain that Nemis was a natural performer, had the ability to captivate a crowd and was the most self-aware person we knew.

Obviously, we’re not like most moms and dads. Instead of Saturday morning soccer practice, we have Vogue classes. When we go clothes shopping it’s equal parts black skinny jeans and skulls as it is sequins and tulle. We talk ollies, grinding and dropping in- he’s pretty dedicated to his skateboard, just as much as contouring and tuck tape!

And as far as sexuality and drag go, Nemis understands that a majority of Queens are gay. It’s something we’ve talked a lot about at length because he expressed his concern that people wouldn’t think he was a” real “drag queen or take him seriously because he doesn’t feel like he’s gay.

Maybe he will in the future? Who knows. Luckily for him, he has his whole life to figure out that aspect of himself, but for the time being, he’s content to find heels in his size and own his shit!

He is unapologetic and an amazing individual.

We are huge allies in this scene. At the end of the day, I’m hoping that Nemis inspires more parents to be unconditionally accepting of their children and inspires more kids to embrace themselves completely! – Jessica Mélançon and Coriander Golden