“I’m Gay. I’m Disabled. And I’m Sexy As F*ck”

Ryan Haddad, a self-described “hairy twink” with cerebral palsy, is the first subject of the YouTube video series #ThisIsMe, which explores the complex relationship between gay men and body image.

In the video, the 25-year-old writer/actor opens up about the struggles he faces when it comes to gay dating and reveals what he loves most about his body.

“Because men were not approaching me in bars, I started to believe that that meant that I was not sexy,” Haddad confesses. “I started to believe that it meant something was wrong with me. But if I look at myself in the mirror—with the walker or without the walker—I know that I’m very good looking, right? I’m 25 and I realize I am good enough. Men just don’t have the knowledge or the understanding that is required to approach somebody that is sexy with a walker, or in a wheelchair, or with a cane, or whatever the disability may be.”

“I’m sexy enough,” he adds. “I just need somebody emotionally and mentally sexy enough to be able to see that.”

Watch Haddad’s #ThisIsMe interview, below: