She Warned Her Gay Son Not To Share His ‘Shameful’ Disneyland Proposal Picture, Now It’s Gone Viral

A reddit user’s Disneyland proposal photo has gone viral after he defied his mother’s warnings not to share the photo online.

Reddit user eugenius310 shared the photo in a post titled, “My mom told me not to post it on Facebook because she’s ashamed of me, so I’m posting it here for the world to see!”

“I proposed to my beautiful and amazing boyfriend at Disneyland yesterday with the help of my niece and nephews who helped me make the sign a few months ago,” he wrote.

“He had no idea I was proposing and I told him that we should make ‘shocked’ faces for the camera. Little did he know I was going to be behind him proposing with a sign! I quickly hid the sign away after the drop and when we exited the ride we walked to see our photo and he was shocked. I got down on one knee and asked him to spend the rest of his life with me. He said, “yes”. :)”

One commenter wrote: “As a middle aged straight guy who subscribes to this sub because my son is not quite sure of his sexuality and I want to keep an open mind…I am legitimately sorry your mom can’t feel the happiness that you have here. Shedding a No Homo manly tear for you right now and congrates to you and your partner.”

“Omg I’m going to cry lmao. I’m so happy for you. (and bitter as fuck this isn’t me) but I’m really happy for you. I pity your mother more than I’m pissed off. It must suck to hold that kind of hate in your heart. =/ Be proud. You’re getting to spend the rest of your life with the man that makes you happy,” wrote another.