Donald Trump Tries To Hold Melania’s Hand, Gets Rejected Again, Touches Her ‘Rear’ Instead

Just a day after a a video showing Melania Trump slapping Donald Trump’s hand away on a Tel Aviv tarmac, a similar scene was caught on tape as the couple departed Air Force One in Rome this morning.

As the Trumps exited the plane, they began waving to the crowd before Trump lowered his hand in what appeared to be an attempt to hold his wife’s hand.

However, the first lady quickly moved her hand away from his and brushed back her hair as they began walking down the steps.

That’s when Trump appears to “rest his hand on her rear end instead,” as AOL News notes.

Here’s how some Twitter users reacted:

The rear tap reminded many Twitter users of this infamous moment when Trump patted his daughter Ivanka’s lower back at the Republican National Convention.