Despite Daily HIV-Prevention Regiment, Third PrEP User Tests Positive For HIV

An Australian man has tested positive for HIV while taking PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

The Melbourne man was participating in a trial for PrEP when last week he tested positive for HIV.

There are only two other confirmed cases of men becoming infected with the virus while on PrEP, one in Toronto and the other in New York. A reported case in Amsterdam is still being investigated.

In response to the Australian case, University of Melbourne professor Sharon Lewin told The Age that doctors will analyze the man’s usage of the drug, as well as study the virus itself for resistance. But Lewin insists this does not disprove the effectiveness of PrEP overall.

“I don’t think there is any reason for alarm here,” said Lewin.

“PrEP works and any rare cases of failure need to be investigated fully so we fully understand why this can very rarely happen.”

Hundreds of thousands of people currently use PrEP. The medication has proven to reduce HIV transmission by up to 99 percent.

Health experts contend that PrEP is still the most effective tool for HIV prevention and that PrEp has never been marketed as 100 percent effective.

Every scientific paper on PrEP has shown it to be less than 100% effective. Even in the Partners PrEP study, where no one got infected over the course of the study, mathematical modeling predicted up to a 4% infection rate if patients were followed for 10 years. Scientists have consistently held that PrEP is not 100% effective. It is people in the community who have put out the message that it is foolproof.