Australian Chef Murdered His Trans Wife, Cooked Her Remains, Then Killed Himself

It’s been revealed that an Australian man murdered his trans wife and cooked parts of her body before killing himself.

The act took place in 2014 and was discovered when Marcus Volke, a 27-year-old chef, invited handyman Brad Coyne over to his Brisbane flat after an electrical fault, caused by the pot he was cooking the remains of his wife, Mayang Prasetyo, in spilling over onto the oven and cutting its power.

An inquest heard that Coyne was told to “mind the smell”.

Building managers would eventually alert police over that very smell, which neighbors had described as smelling like “rotting meat”.

The police on the case said they were not suspicious of Volke as he was initially cooperative. He simply asked to secure his dogs before they could search his unit, locking the door behind him. But once inside, he reportedly slit his throat before he jumped his balcony fence and fled. Volke was later discovered dead in an industrial dumpster.

Inside the apartment, police found a pool of blood on the floor and a large cooking pot next to it, which looked to contain human feet.

“Originally I thought it was some sort of sick prank,” said Constable Liam McWhinney. “Halloween or something – when I put two and two together, I realized it wasn’t a prank.”

A former partner of Volke’s told Detective Sergeant Joshua Walsh, who was in charge of the investigation into his death, that he had accrued a debt of about $6,600 USD and was unable to pay it back. Having met Prasetyo while they both worked as escorts, they reached “an agreement between the two parties that [Volke] would assist with her getting a permanent partner visa for Australia” and she would “assist him within transgender clubs within Melbourne and overseas, in Europe and Asia”.

The two got married in Copenhagen in 2013.

The investigation has also revealed that Volke had a history of depression and anxiety and had a sleep disorder.