Undercover Cop Says A Georgia Sheriff Exposed Himself In Atlanta Park During Anti-Gay Sting

DeKalb County Sheriff's office

A Georgia sheriff is being charged with indecency and obstruction of an officer after he allegedly exposed himself to a police officer in an Atlanta park and then led the officer on a foot chase, according to a police report.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann, 54, told WSB-TV that the arrest was a misunderstanding and that he would clear his name.

According to the Miami Hearld:

An Atlanta police officer patrolling Piedmont Park spotted Mann around 11 p.m. Saturday night in an area “known for sexual acts after dark,” the report says.

Mann was rubbing his genitals through his pants and then exposed his genitals and masturbated as he walked toward the officer, the report says. The officer stood next to a tree to hide the reflective stripe on his uniform and allowed Mann to get within 10 feet of him before shining his flashlight on him.

Mann began to run away as the officer yelled, “Police! Stop!”

He ran out of the park and ran across a street turning onto a side street, where according to the report, he stopped to tie his shoes.

After another brief foot chase, Mann stopped running and started following the officer’s commands.

Many in the DeKalb County Sheriff department are calling for Mann, who was re-elected as DeKalb sheriff in 2016, to step down.

Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Terry Norris said, “If those charges are accurate, that behavior is certainly unbecoming to anyone and that includes the sheriff or any other officer.”