American Man Savagely Beaten In Homophobic Attack At Bahamian Carnival

A gay American man says he was physically assaulted in an unprovoked homophobic attack at a Bahamian carnival.

Adrian Brown and a friend were staying at Junkanoo beach in the Bahamas on holiday. But Brown says while dancing on the beach the night of May 5, he was splashed with water by strangers and the confrontation that followed led to his attack.

“Because you’re a sissy batty man,” responded one man when Brown asked why he was splashed, this according to Gay Star News.

“Batty man” is the Jamaican equivalent of “faggot”.

Brown’s friend, Sylvano Demarco, explained that two people then began beating Brown up, one hitting him on the head with a rock and the other with a bottle. Brown ended up with a cut on his forehead and another on top of his head.

“We rushed him out of the carnival,” said Demarco.

Two bystanders broke up the fight, but the attackers then fled. However the bystanders eventually caught up to one and brought him to the police.

“It’s definitely a hate crime,” said Brown. “I’m going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

He added: “If you’re not into gay people, don’t come to these kinds of events. There’s a plethora of people there – don’t show up to those events if that’s how you feel.”

“This is just very unfortunate.”