Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Can Sue Kim Davis For Refusing To Grant Them Marriage Licenses

Same-sex couples can now legally to sue Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, who refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples even after she was federally required to do so.

David Ermold and David Moore’s lawsuit against Davis was originally denied in August, but today, an appeals court has ruled that the suit is valid, because it is “not a general challenge to Davis’s policy, but rather seeks damages for a particularized harm allegedly suffered by a specific set of plaintiffs,” reports OUT.

Ermold and Moore are the couple who originally filmed Davis denying them their federal right to obtain a marriage license.

If the U.S. district judge rules in favor of the couple, Davis will be fiscally responsible for damages to Ermold and Moore, and will potentially open the floodgates for other suits against clerks discriminating against same-sex couples. You can read through the entire Appellate Court document, here.