Personal Trainer Finds Out What It’s Like To Stand ‘Naked & Invisible’ In A Produce Aisle

A personal trainer had his naked body covered with paint to blend into the background of a produce aisle to find out how if felt to be invisible.

Ashley Lewis, 27, from London, wanted to find out what it was like not to have passers-by stare at him.

“The way I look makes me stand out people look at my arms. I think every guy wants to have a six pack or some sort of definition in their stomach,” he said.

“There’s a couple of things day to day I look in the mirror and think I’m not happy about this but it doesn’t get to me that people look at me.
‘I don’t think people are doing it to be spiteful but there are times that people ask “What steroids do you use?” I’m like “I don’t take steroids”.”

“My biggest fear about being naked and invisible is probably having people walk past me too long and me thinking ‘wow people aren’t actually looking at me anymore’.”

The Daily Mail adds:

Carolyn Roper painstakingly spent five hours blending Ashley’s near-naked physique into a stall of tomatoes, carrots and cabbages with her box of yellow, red and green body paints.

Ashley stands perfectly still when he’s completely camouflaged into the display of vegetables and one bespectacled man walked up to him completely unaware, until Ashley shouted ‘Welcome!’ and he appears visibly shocked and turned away laughing.

And a woman in a pink coat strolls up unaware to Ashley and is left blushing when she realised and said: ‘Oh sorry,’ clasping her hand to her mouth.

Watch the video below:

h/t: instinct