Pro Rugby Player Sam Stanley Responds To Trolls Who Attacked His Engagement To Long-Time Partner

Former professional rugby player Sam Stanley took to social media to announce his engagement to his long-term partner over the weekend.

After being a part of each others lives for almost 7 years, @lorenzo_uk has been my pretend godfather, uncle, cousin and many others in order to make sure no one found out about us and that we were a couple..funny looking back after having come so far together. The most loving man I know and I’m incredibly happy to say we’re now engaged

In an interview with Attitude this weekend, Stanley explains he met Hicks on the site and that they fell in love “very quickly.”

“I’d never had the feelings I felt for him before. It was pretty amazing and I’m incredibly lucky to have met him and call him my finacè,” he says.

Stanley says most people have been supportive of his relationship, but there have been some people who have attacked the couple over their age difference.

“I’m sure as everyone knows, you’re not doing anything right if you’re not getting criticized in this world,” he says. “Laurence and I love each other and to us that’s all that matters. We’re proud to represent the many relationships like ours.”