Goldie Hawn And Amy Schumer Vow To ‘Fight To The Death’ For The LGBTQ Community

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn sat down for a candid interview with PrideSource this week to discuss their respective LGBTQ followings and their steadfast support for LGBTQ rights.

“Being an ally for [LGBTQ] people and an ally for all people, transgender or whatever ― to me, that’s a human story. I feel there are injustices in the world that I’ll stand up for, and I think that it’s important to realize that the world is filled with these kinds of issues,” Hawn, 71, said. “Love is something in the heart and in the mind, so why would you chastise anyone for that? And this is something that I feel very strongly about.”

“I had a tremendous amount of gay friends, so my whole life was basically like that… I never noticed who was gay or who was straight,” added the The “Overboard” and “First Wives Club” star, who stars with Schumer in the upcoming road-trip comedy, “Snatched.”

Much of that changed during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the late 80s and early ‘90s. “It was a very scary time, and I would go visit guys and I’d get in bed with them just to be there with them,” she said.

When asked if it has been important to advocate for the LGBT community in this current political climate, Schumer, 35, told PrideSource: “I can’t remember a time I didn’t. When I was in high school, people weren’t really out yet. I think it’s more now. It was a different time even then, but it was never a question. It was never a choice. It was, ‘Yeah, of course.'”

She added: “Also, we’re both people who will stand up to the death for our gay friends and gay people and what’s going on in Chechnya and the fear of the what will happen in the coming years. We’ll be there to fight alongside our gay friends.”