X Factor Contestant And Boyfriend “Completely Traumatised” After Knife Attack By Homophobic Thug

A former X Factor UK contestant and his boyfriend have shared that they were the victims of a homophobic knife attack while at home.

Craig Colton, 28, was a finalist on the show in 2011. On Sunday, he told his more than 200,000 Twitter followers about the attack, which occurred earlier that morning.

“After a horrible night of being attacked with a knife and homophobic rants at our own home, we find out the police can’t do anything,” he wrote.

“Completely traumatised about this scary and horrific incident that took place in our home at 3am!,” his boyfriend Shane Cooper said. “We have never felt so in danger”.

Cooper also shared that the two left their home that night out of fear.

And with good reason.

“Both Craig and Shane narrowly escaped the events unharmed but are limited on what they can say as they are still waiting for confirmation via the police,” a representative for the singer told Mirror Online.

“The situation was a violent homophobic unprovoked attack at their home in Kent at 3am on Sunday morning.”

“The attack was lead by an early-20s female wielding a knife.”

The rep added:

Craig and Shane have been working closely with police who have been very supportive, however they feel failed by the justice system as the female has since been released on bail for only section Four of the public order act for homophobic slur and possibly escaped charges for attempted knife attack.

Colton most recently tweeted about the incident just a few hours ago.