Boyband Star George Shelley Goes Public With Model Boyfriend By Copping A Feel In Instagram Snap

Instagram @__mholehouse__ /Matthew Holehouse

Boyband star George Shelley has gone public with his new boyfriend Matthew Holehouse.

Just days after he was dropped from his presenting role on Capital FM, the former Union J band member shared an Instagram snap in which he and his new beau are seen standing in their underwear, gazing out at the Costa Rica skyline. George can also be seen grabbing a handful of his boyfriend’s derriere.

Cheeky.. 🙃

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In 2016, the 23-year-old boybander revealed that he has dated both men and women in the past.

“I’ve been on a personal journey and I want you to be part of that journey from now on,” he said.

I got you with my laser 🔫 🌱

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“I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online as to whether I’m straight or gay or bi. Its all these labels and it’s a little bit old fashioned and this is why I’m not going to label it myself.”

I’ve had girlfriends that I’ve loved. But I’ve also had boyfriends. I want you to know that whether I decide to be with a girl next or be with a guy next it’s because I love them.”

Here are some more Instagram snaps of his new beau, Matthew Holehouse:

WHY IS WINTER SO LONG I FEEL LIKE JON SNOW . @catnorrisx u r my sunshite

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Bout to throw myself out of the west tower of the Maughn library 🙂 3 likes and I'll do it

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taking a pic of my plant

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This photo really does mask how 10/10 shit my new lid cut is

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