Closeted Man Says He Has Become Addicted To Male Escorts And Is Racking Up Serious Credit Card Debt

A 25-year-old gay computer programmer is worried he might be addicted to male escorts after sleeping with two escorts in three days.

The man recently reached out to the The Sun‘s advice column “Dear Deidre” for help, writing: “I had sex with two escorts in three days, and now I’m worried I’m getting hooked on them.”

The single anonymous man says he has not had much luck attracting a potential date at work: “Everyone is geeky and they’re wrapped up in their work rather than wanting to go out.”

“My friend told me about an escort agency he used. I signed up and went out with my first escort six months ago.”

After booking his first escort six months ago, the man says he has used credit cards to continue booking his new favorite hobby. “I think it’s getting out of control,” he confesses.

Deidre starts off by telling the man that she wouldn’t “label this an addiction” and adds that the “real problem is that you haven’t come out in a way to help you build up a full social life, giving you the opportunity to meet potential partners who want you for you, not your wallet.”

“Focus on building a new life for yourself and take a positive step in that direction every time you feel tempted to contact the escort agency,” she concludes.

Do you agree with Deidre’s advice?