Bryan Fischer Issues Second Warning To LGBT Community To Return Stolen Rainbow To Its Inventor, God

Former pastor turned radio host Bryan Fischer addressed the mocking he’s been subject to since tweeting LGBTs stole the rainbow from God” over the weekend. And now he’s doubling down on his comments.

Speaking on his radio program on Tuesday, Fischer declared: “the worst example of cultural appropriation in history is the LGBT community stealing the rainbow from God.”

“The rainbow is God’s,” he said. “God invented the rainbow—look at Genesis 9:11-17—He invented it, it’s His thing, He put it in the sky as a promise that he would never again destroy the earth through a flood.”

And then he called out Al Gore.

“Are you listening Al Gore? Al Gore, you do not need to worry about the planet being destroyed by floodwaters. Why? Because God has put His rainbow in the sky to let you and everybody else know, ‘I’m never going to do that again.’”

Fischer again warned the LGBT community to give up the rainbow, saying our community “is using something that doesn’t belong to you. That’s cultural appropriation … You’ve culturally appropriated something that doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to God, it’s His idea and you need to give it back.”

Watch it all go down below.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to Fischer’s demands: