From Police Officers To The Deputy Prime Minister, Dutch Men Hold Hands In Solidarity With Gay Hate Crime Victims

Two Dutch lawmakers arrived to work holding hands yesterday to show solidarity with a gay couple who were brutally attacked over the weekend in the Netherlands.

Jasper Vernes-Sewratan and his husband, Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes, were viciously attacked by a group of young men Sunday morning as they walked home from a party holding hands. The couple say that a group of six to eight young men, began shouting anti-gay slurs before one of the assailants used bolt cutters to beat Ronnie in the face, knocking out several of his teeth.

Ronnie and Jasper were victims of a homophobic attack, this past weekend.

In response to the attack, journalist Barbara Barend called on all men in the Netherlands to hold hands in public in a show of support.

Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister posted a picture on Twitter holding hands with a man.

Men working for the Netherlands’ UN office also shared a picture of them holding hands as a group.

Police officers joined:

#allemannenhandinhand #vrede #acceptatie #tolerantie #openjehart ❤

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As did a professional soccer team:

N.E.C. keert geweld tegen homo's de rug toe. #allemannenhandinhand #handinhand #morethanfootball @npo3fm

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And doctors..

Ook wij lopen #handinhand tegen homogeweld. #allemannenhandinhand @npo_3fm_

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And musicians.

And religious leaders.

And the Red Cross.

And students.

#allemannenhandinhand #allevrouwenhandinhand

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