‘I Mean, You Go To The Inauguration Dressed As A Nutcracker?’: Jessica Lange Has A Feud With Kellyanne Conway

“Feud” star Jessica Lange just dropped some master shade on Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway during an interview with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night.

“I feud in my head with people. Like now I’m carrying on a feud with Kellyanne Conway, in my head,” said the “American Horror Story” star when asked if she had any current rivalries.

Lange likened Conway to a crazy role in a television show or film that is too far from reality to be taken seriously.

“If you got a script as an actor and that script came to you. Your agent calls you, ‘You’ve been offered this part. One of the most important women in the government right now. She’s a counsel to the president. She’s a spokesperson.’ And then you pick up the … you read it, and you think, ‘They’ve got to be kidding!” she told Colbert.

“Here you’ve got a scene where you talk about alternative facts. You’ve got a scene where you, like, you know, imagine that, like, the microwave is turning into a camera,” she added. “I mean, you go to the inauguration dressed as a nutcracker? It’s like, you can just see that conversation. Are you kidding me, nobody’s going to take this character seriously, she’s a joke!”

“Jessica, nobody does,” Colbert responded.

Watch the full interview below (and watch Lange throw shade at Conway around the 8:45 mark)

Twitter users errupted in laughter after the interview: