Pro Wrestler Comes Out As Bisexual — With The Help Of His Adorable Boyfriend

Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens has come out as bisexual, with a little help from his boyfriend, Michael Pavano.

“It was this past fall and I was three months into a relationship with my boyfriend,” the 26-year-old explained in an op-ed published by OutSports.

“Mike and I had uploaded a video to YouTube on his channel called ‘The Laughing Challenge,’ where he described me as his boyfriend.”

“The video was a blast to do, but I worried that someone from the wrestling world would stumble across it and learn my secret. I decided to let it be posted anyway.”

Weeks later, Bowens received a text message from one of his wrestling buddies.

“Bro, why didn’t you tell me?” the text read.

“Much to my great relief, he told me he didn’t care and that I was one of his best friends in the business,” Bowens says.

In January, Bowens took the plunge and made his coming out announcement “official” on Facebook:

“After hitting send, I immediately turned off my phone. I didn’t want to think about what people would write. After about 30 minutes I told Mike to check his phone,” Bowens recalls. “He had the biggest smile on his face, our friends in the room cheered, and I made the decision to turn on my phone. The response was overwhelming positive.”

Bowens has not shyed away from living an open and honest life, proudly sharing photos of his boyfriend on social media:

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“I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve spoken to over the years who are hiding and suppressing themselves out of fear of being judged,” Bowens concluded. “If I can help inspire at least one person to fight past their struggles through my journey or inspire at least one person to live their dreams, it’s all worth it for me. The journey and the fight is just beginning!”

Check out their adorable ‘The Laughing Challenge’ video below:

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