MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Says She Has Trump’s Tax Returns, And Will Reveal Them On Her Show Tonight

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow claims she has President Trump’s elusive tax returns and will be revealing them on Tuesday night.

“We’ve got Trump tax returns,” Maddow tweeted. “(Seriously.)”

The Hill adds:

It is unclear from Maddow’s post how the network obtained the documents.
Trump is the first president in decades to not publicly release his tax returns.

Democrats have been calling for the returns, which Trump’s critics believe may show suspect financial ties, particularly to Russia.

Trump has previously claimed that he would not be releasing his tax returns until the IRS finished their audit of his returns. The IRS has noted that an audit does not prevent an individual from releasing the information on their own accord.

In January, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said the White House would not release the documents.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted earlier this year, seventy-four percent say he should release his tax records, according to the poll conducted earlier this year. Among Republicans, 49 percent also say the president-elect should release he tax records.

The Rachel Maddow show airs tonight, 9pm ET on MSNBC.

Update: Rachel Maddow has obtained Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return.