Alabama Theater Bans ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Accidentally Replaces It With Drag Queen Documentary

Oh, how sweet it is. After refusing to screen Beauty and the Beast because of its newly revealed gay character, an Alabama theater accidentally scheduled a film about drag queens in its place.

The Henagar Drive-In mistakenly scheduled Fierce, a film about the International Drag Festival in Texas. “When life drags you down, drag it up” reads the film’s tagline.

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Well the theater’s owner, Carol Laney, has been dragged. Drag-oned that is – she’s said she thought the film was a Game of Thrones-style movie about dragons!

Apparently Laney was confused because the poster for Fierce shows a woman with dragons around her.

Unsurprisingly, Fierce has since been pulled from the Henagar Drive-In’s lineup of films.

You can show the movie some love by watching its trailer below.