Twisted Drag Queen Serves Up 100 Terrifyingly Amazing Looks In 100 Days

London-based drag artist and clothing designer, Harry Whitfield, is exploring the darker side of drag by vowing to create 100 drag looks in 100 days.

Inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Phi Phi O’Hara’s 365 days of drag challenge, Whitfield is undertaking his own experiment with his drag persona, Charity Kase.

Day 61

The 20-year-old kicked off his 100 day drag extravaganza at the start of January, a day after Phi Phi O’Hara completed her own 365 Days of Drag.

“I wanted to be amazing at makeup and I really enjoy creating characters, costumes and concepts so I thought what better way to push my abilities,’ he told GSN.

“I don’t feel like we do very similar things with our work,” Whitfield said of his and O’Hara’s projects. “I remember thinking that most days she wore a cosplay costume and the same makeup as the day before, whereas I’m trying to create a whole new character every day. No shade though: I was really impressed with her challenge.”

Day 44

“It’s difficult to describe as it changes on a daily basis,” Whitfield added. “Think Roger the alien meets Anna Nicole Smith. I love blood and gore, I’m often inspired by horror or sci-fi movies.”

“I think its really interesting to see the contrast between the sweet and pretty girls I create, and their twisted macabre sisters.”

Day 30

Make sure to check out the final 35 spooky looks on his Instagram, here.

Day 26

Day 40

Day 46

Day 51