22-Year-Old Reveals The End Result Of 100 Surgeries To Look Like A “Genderless Alien”

Makeup artist Vinny Ohh, 22, from Los Angeles in California, has reportedly spent $50,000 on plastic surgery to become a genderless alien in appearance.

The 22-year-old, who identifies as a genderless alien because the term ‘alien’ is sexless, has already undergone more than 100 plastic surgery procedures.

Here’s a list of the procedures Ohh has undergone to date: 12 cheek fillers, 35 whole body and face laser treatment, five facial peels, five nose procedures, two brow fillers, 15 lip fillers, 10 fillers for random wrinkles, five botox sessions, one botox under eye and 20 cryo facial freezings.

Recovering from all my surgeries???

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Ohh has revealed plans to undergo $160,000 worth of additional surgeries, which include: genital removal, nipple removal, belly button removal, forehead realignment, ear pinning, nose job, eye lid revision, jaw implants, cheek implants.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t have my genitals completely removed and have nothing down there,” Ohh told the Daily Mail. “So far, I’ve had $50,000 in skincare and procedures including two rhinoplasties, facial fillers in my lips, cheeks and brow bone all to look extra-terrestrial.”

“I do kind of look like a Martian, I have a really big head, no eyebrows and I’ve just been connecting with that,” Ohh said. “When people ask me how I’d label myself, I tell them an ‘extra-terrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed.’ It’s becoming my slogan.”

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“The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female. I’ve wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17. I’ve been going to doctors to see if it’s possible but had no luck. I don’t want people to think I’m trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs, so why should I have a penis or a vagina?” Ohh asked.

“The Plastics of Hollywood” producer and presenter Marcela Iglesias said Ohh is critical for her “goal […] to change everyone’s mind about human dolls.”


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